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Eye Exam

Services Overview

Eye Exams

All specialized visits begin with examining the health and function of the eyes. An eye exam with Dr. Burgher will be the most thorough check of your eyes you've ever had. Dr. Burgher will explain the tests and results as the visit goes along. 

Binocular Vision Evaluations

This is a specialty type of exam where Dr. Burgher measures the alignment, focusing skills, motor skills of the eyes, and symptoms for the consideration of treatments, including:

  • Lenses

  • Prisms

  • Vision Therapy

  • Surgery

Vision Therapy

Dr. Burgher will provide bi-weekly personalized orthoptic training to improve measurable eye skills to reduce symptoms of eye strain, fatigue, double vision, headaches, and more.


Professional consultations related to pediatric and binocular vision diagnosis and management are provided by appointment with other professionals.

Parents who want to learn more about their child's eye conditions may also book a consultation about their child's case specifically.

Services Provided

  • Comprehensive eye exams (check the health of the eyes and need for glasses)

    • Exams for patients with special needs​

  • Contact lens exams

  • Medical office visits

  • Strabismus (eye turn) evaluations and follow-up care

  • Amblyopia (lazy eye) evaluations and follow-up care

  • Binocular vision evaluations

  • Vision therapy evaluations

  • Vision therapy

  • Consultation services

    • (professional-to-professional and professional-to-patient)

Children's Eye Exam

Medicaid Insurance Proudly Accepted

The only insurance we are accepting at this time is Michigan Medicaid Insurance. 

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