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Warby Parker Review of Dr. Burgher:

I am admittedly very fussy with my vision— if my prescription is not perfect I will notice and it will drive me wild.
I have gone to probably five local opticians and gotten mixed results. Usually the prescription isn’t pinpoint accurate or the optician doesn’t seem to want to take any time with me and things feel very rushed. Eye exams can be expensive and there are health issues that can be discovered through eye exams that may be time sensitive. It’s important.
Dr. Burgher took her time with my exam and I did not feel like the goal was getting me in and out. She suggested dilating my pupils, and I asked if it seemed important given I had an exam last year. An easy out for them if they wanted a fast exam— but they did not cut corners! She stated it is very important and suggested we go for the dilation.
I was given a prescription accurate enough to go toe to toe (eye to eye?) with the best, clearest prescription I have ever received—


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